Physical Address: Poole Street, Ysterplaat, Cape Town, South Africa, 7405                                         Telephone: 021 511 1912                                              Facsimile: 021 510 8482


Buren High School was named after the oldest bastion of the Castle in Cape Town. Buren was an honorary title of the Prince of Oranje of the Netherlands during the seventeenth century.

The symbolism of a Bastion offers protection and opportunities for growth and development for both pupils and teachers. The pupils and teachers should enjoy maximum opportunity for personal growth.

The School emblem consists of the outline of Buren bastion in gold as its basis, and a blossoming " Watsonia tubularia", an indigenous Cape flower that used to grow in the wetlands area of the Salt River, which figures prominently on the emblem.

The blossoming flower is indicative of the youths, people blessed with potential and ability to develop beyond their own expectations.

The staff of Buren High recent hosted a cook-off challenge to inaugurate the recently refurbished Consumers Studies lab. The task was simple: split up into teams of three; prepare a three-course meal for 10 people and finally, impress the judges (Mrs Pelton and Miss Kuriesha Munishvaran).

The (hopefully annual) event was a smashing success! R8 500 was raised to be ploughed back into the school. Besides the funds raised, it also availed a rare opportunity for some estranged friends to reunite and very importantly, for the staff to connect. It turned out to be a truly fantastic day and a well-received evening by the guests. 


There was something in it for the teachers as well, with the top three placing teams receiving prizes. The top spot was taken by the team of Mrs and Mr Willis, and Miss Odendaal. The second place spot went to the all-male team of Mr Nepgen, Mr Martin, and Mr Marshall. The final podium spot was snatched by the bright faces of Miss Van der Merwe, Miss Moodley and Miss Kamaldien.


If you could not make this year’s event be sure to join us at our next fundraiser and please browse the pictures alongside (Photographer: Boetie Dennis).