Welcome to Buren High School

I regard education as the most valuable gift one can give to any person, especially to the youth. In order for our children to succeed we all need to play our roll and all stake holders need take responsibility, that includes Educators, parents and most importantly, our children. We must educate them so that they will be able to take up their rightful place in the community, country and economy. We must ensure that we equip our children with the necessary tools to give them the best opportunities possible to better their lives and that of their families.


I say to everyone who comes to Buren High School, "You join our institution as a learner, a parent and an educator and we require more than your best!" We expect our learners to dream and dream big. As educators we are going to help you to be aware and assist you to achieve your dreams. Parents, we ask you to take our hand on the journey to help your child achieve his or her dreams. We also expect you to take financial responsibility towards the institution and invest the necessary time in your child's education.


Education is the key to the liberation of your mind, it’s the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and key to the accumulation of wealth.


Success does not happen by change, it happens because we plan to succeed.



Marwaan Shiri


Message from our principal